Labor and Employment Law

Sachs Waldman was born as a labor relations practice. In the mid-1920s Nicholas J. Rothe, the firm's founder, earned his reputation as Michigan's first labor union lawyer by keeping pickets and strikers out of jail. Since then, our labor lawyers have ably represented both private and public sector labor organizations, and our practice has expanded to include other legal services for workers and their organizations listed below.

Representation of Unions

Sachs Waldman’s labor lawyers provide labor organizations, both international unions and their affiliated locals, with progressive, vigorous and effective representation on every conceivable legal matter that they may encounter. For many years… Read More

Employee Benefits

In the 1950s, Sachs Waldman was one of the first law firms to establish a significant practice representing multiemployer fringe benefit funds, a practice which continues to grow. Sachs Waldman’s representation of collectively bargained employe… Read More

Non-profits and Tax Exempt Organizations

Our firm offers a wide range of services to tax exempt organizations. We provide advice and assistance with establishing tax exempt organizations, obtaining and maintaining tax exempt status, reporting and compliance with federal tax law and regulati… Read More

Election and Campaign Finance Law

We are one of a handful of law firms in Michigan that can provide a wide variety of services in the area of election and campaign finance law. We advise and represent candidates, political committees, and political party organizations in matters invo… Read More

Civil Rights Law

Our firm has been litigating to enforce the civil rights of individuals and organizations in the contexts of employment, voting, and other areas, for decades. We frequently litigate to enforce civil rights at the workplace, including suits to enforce… Read More

Individual Employee Rights

Sachs Waldman represents individuals in employment related disputes in both the private and public sectors before administrative agencies and in state and federal courts. Sachs Waldman represents individual employees with claims of violations of Titl… Read More
Attorneys: John R. Runyan

Benefit Claims

Sachs Waldman successfully represents benefit plan participants and beneficiaries seeking to resolve disputes regarding their eligibility for fringe benefits, including pensions, medical coverage, disability benefits and others. The firm has represen… Read More

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