Election and Campaign Finance Law

We are one of a handful of law firms in Michigan that can provide a wide variety of services in the area of election and campaign finance law. We advise and represent candidates, political committees, and political party organizations in matters involving both federal and state law. We advise clients regarding compliance with the complex campaign finance laws, and provide representation in administrative proceedings before the Federal Election Commission and the Michigan Bureau of Elections. We also offer a broad range of services relating to election law, including: assistance to candidates and ballot committees in getting on the ballot and complying with election law requirements; representation in election vote canvasses, recounts, and recalls; and appearing on behalf of candidates and committees in state and federal court, and before State, county, and local boards of canvassers and election commissions. We also provide advice and assistance regarding tax matters, and our firm has provided representation in Voting Rights Act and legislative reapportionment litigation.

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